5 Doctors Dead Or Missing After Discovering THIS About Vaccines!

by in Health, Uncategorized, Video August 27, 2016

Doctors and scientists are pushed each and every day to make advancements and medical discoveries. This is something they do in order to aid in the overall public health.

As it seems though not all of these discoveries are considered good. What if someone were to discover something that didn’t fall into the rhetoric of the government led medical industry? A few natural doctors have learned exactly what will happen as they have discovered a link between vaccines and cancer.

Since this past year, there have been at least six official cases where holistic doctors who had been investigating vaccines have either gone missing or been killed. All of these cases conveniently within less than one month of each other. This madness all started on the nineteenth of June, 2015.

Dr. Bradstreet was found dead on this day with a fatal wound to his chest. It was later declared t hat this death was what they call a manifest of suicide. Strange considering Dr. Bradstreet not once displayed any sort of suicidal tendencies according to his friends and family.

Only two days later a Dr. Holt and Dr. Hedendal both from Florida were found dead under strange and suspicious circumstances. Their loved ones still do not know any of the truth behind their deaths. To make this even worse roughly eight days later on the twenty-ninth of June Dr. Theresa Sievers was found murdered.

Then, to top off the cake on the same day as Dr. Sievers death Dr. Whiteside vanished while out for a walk. Coincidence? I think not. A Dr. Fitzpatrick went missing himself on July the third and while investigators have found his truck they have found no trace of him. These people all seemed to have something in common, though. They had all gotten too close in the study of vaccines and posed a disruptive threat to the government.

What sort of threat?

All of these doctors were getting ready to break the news  about the presence of Nagalese in common vaccines. Make sense now? The news was eventually brought to light by a Dr. Ted Broer, it took his team over an hour to air their broadcast because it was repeatedly taken down. Ted had to make it known when he made it on air that he was in no way suicidal.

He was sure to warn his listeners that id he were to die it would not be by his own hand. He did good by letting viewers known that he was nervous about the fate of his colleagues becoming his own.  Please take the time to listen to his broadcast below it truly is an eye opener.