This Is The Reason Why They Give Gelatin To Sick People In Hospitals…

by in DIY, Food, Health, Video August 21, 2016

Whenever you are sick and go to a hospital, what is on your meal tray? Jello! But have you ever wondered why?

Gelatin is made of proline and glycine two amino acids that people don’t usually consume enough amounts of. These amino acids are found in the bones, fibrous tissues, and organs. Things we generally don’t consume anymore. This is not good because these amino acids are important for things like:

  • Skin growth
  • Hair growth
  • Weight regulation
  • Immune function
  • Insomnia

Gelatin has anti-inflammatory properties thanks to these amino acids. This helps to promote healing and improve the quality of your sleep.

Why do they give jello to sick people?

Jello is easy to digest and high in calories for those who can hardly keep their foods down. Jello is something that is easy to get through a person’s system. Gelatin stimulates the secretion of gastric acid as well which helps to restore a nice healthy mucosal lining in the stomach. This is very important, it also helps to keep fluids in the digestive tract. Gelatin really is a real lifesaver and you should include it in your diet even when you’re not in the hospital.

Watch the video below for a homemade Jello Recipe!