This Essential Oil Has The Potential To Stop Cancer in its Tracks

by in Health, Natural Cures, Video August 18, 2016

It seems even scientists are coming to their senses and recognizing the power agents that exist inside some essential oils. Some of these oils can do miraculous things like keep cancer from spreading, induce the closing of some cancer cells, and many other great things.

The ability these oils hold is no longer a doubted especially the abilities that have to do with cancer. During some testing with frequencies and the frequencies with essential oils, it has been measured that: by holding a cup of coffee one man’s frequency was lowered from 66MHz to 58MHz in under three seconds flat. It literally took this man three days to return his frequency to normal.

A normal healthy person has a frequency ranging from 62 to 78 MHz and disease begins to occur at 58MHz. It has also been proven that negative thoughts can actually lower our frequency. Positive thoughts can however, increase it up to ten MHz on average. The most popular essential oils on the market these days are things like:

  • Mint
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit
  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Thyme
  • Rose
  • Cinnamon

By testing antibacterial potency as well as invitro-toxicity against human cancer cell lines researchers were able to conclude that some essential oils work as a reset function of sorts, they can sometimes tell the cancer cell what the right DNA code should be and help to fix it.

While there are plenty of places that sell these essential oils cheaper is not always the best way to go. Most of the essential oils on the market are poor quality, synthetically produced, and diluted with alcohol and other additives. In order to see results, you will need to use only one hundred percent pure therapeutic grade quality essential oils. Otherwise, you will not be able to obtain the amazing health benefits they come with.

What essential oils do I need to use?

well, that depends on what you’re using the essential oils for.

  • Breast cancer cells are often destroyed by cinnamon, thyme, chamomile, and jasmine oils. Thyme oil has led to a ninety-seven percent kill rate of MCF-7 breast cancer cells.
  • Frankincense oil separates what is known as the brain of the cancerous cell, this works to close down the nucleus and prevents it from reproducing and corrupting DNA codes. It is also very effective because it contains monoterpenes. These are compounds that have the ability to help eradicate cancer cells at the onset of their development and in  their progressive stages. It is said to work very well with liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, and many others.

As you can see there are tons of different oils that call help in many different ways. Why not pick some out and see just what they can do for you? Please watch the video below for more information.