These Diseases Are All Caused By Microwave Ovens, And You’ve Probably Ignored Them!

by in Food, Health, Video August 13, 2016

Back in world war II, a couple scientists invented something very special; a tube that produced microwave power called the magnetron.

When this was combined with Britain’s radar system these microwaves were able to locate nazi and even managed to foil a bombing attempt. Quite a few years later one Percy LeBaron Spencer (of the infamous Raytheon military industrial complex) took the time to do some research and found that these microwaves could actually cook food. He found that these waves actually melted a candy bar in his pocket. this resulted in the creation of the very first microwave oven called the Radar Range and boy was it huge.

How exactly are microwaves dangerous?

You see, inside of your microwave oven, there are about two point forty-five billion hertz which is perfectly fine if the seal on your microwave door is not leaking at all. The frequency that has been proven to harm the human body is only ten hertz. You should never stand near a microwave that is on. You won’t ever even be able to tell your body is being harmed until long after it has happened.

What can these microwaves cause?

These microwaves can cause a number of health issues including:

  • birth defects
  • cancer
  • compromised immune system
  • cataracts
  • causes one to become more prone to illness
  • lower ones resistance to viral and bacterial infections

What does it do to our food?

It actually depletes nutrients from our food The radiation from microwaves degrade and deform the molecules of the food this creates dangerous unwanted compounds.

Even if your microwave has been perfectly sealed you are still at risk of being exposed to harmful levels of electromagnetic fields. these EmF’s can cut right into the human body (they are used for x-ray machines) and can cause very serious health issues. While they may be faster and more convenient than a conventional oven the nutritional needs of you and your family will end up having to pay both financially and physically later.

The best thing you can do for your health and your families is to get rid of the microwave! For more info on these and other health issues microwaves can cause please take the time to watch the video below.