When Was The Last Time You Drained Your Lymph Fluids?

by in DIY, Natural Cures, Other, Video August 12, 2016

Your body contains more lymph than it does blood, lymph however, does not have a pump. Your lymph system acts as a sewer in a sense.

Lymph nodes can become infected leading to swollen glands; a condition that occurs when your glands end up being clogged like a sewer line. This happens when the lymph does not move out of the small lymph nodes through their ducts into the liver and kidneys. The build up of intoxicated lymph fluids can result in many different kinds of health issues. Some of which are very serious. Luckily though there are many ways we can move this lymph fluid through our bodies and out. Stimulating this movement is actually pretty easy to do.

Methods for moving your lymph fluid:

  • Buy a mini trampoline and bounce on it. (roughly 4 feet in diameter.) Jump on it for at least fifteen minutes at a time.
  • Any athletic activity that requires jumping or running will stimulate movement of lymph fluid (Jumping jacks, jogging, swimming, etc.)
  • Walking (can also help with prevention of onset Alzheimer’s)