7 Easy & Super Effective Ways to Get Beautiful Breasts

by in Beauty, Other August 11, 2016

Many women are insecure about the size and shape of their breasts. Some of these women even go as far as to have plastic surgery but did you know that you could firm up your breasts without plastic surgery?

There are tons of yoga poses that can help to improve the shape and fullness of your breasts as well as helping to increase the volume of your lungs. These exercises will leave you feeling strong, confident, sexy, and healthy. what do you have to lose? Give these breast-firming yoga poses a try.

Breast-Firming Yoga Poses:

1 . Warrior Pose

warrior pose

  • place your feet wide apart but still parallel to one another
  • turn your left foot to a ninety-degree angle and then turn your right foot to the inside
  • exhale and bend your knees
  • keep your right leg straight while raising your arms and putting them in line with your shoulders
  • turn your head to the left while looking at your wrist
  • do this for at least ten times in a row the do it ten more times to the right side

2 . Cobra Pose

cobra pose

  • lie on your tummy and inhale deeply
  • slowly raise your torso while keeping your lower body on the floor
  • balance on your arms and legs while raising your head to look up
  • exhale slowly and return to the starting position
  • try to increase the length of time you hold the pose each time you do it

3 . Triangle Pose

triangle pose

  • place your feet wide apart and turn your left foot to a ninety-degree angle and the right foot fifteen
  • touch your left ankle with your left hand and stretch your right arm upward so that your arms are making a straight line
  • keep your knees and spine straight
  • turn your face up and look at your fingers
  • repeat this exercise on both sides

4 . Wheel Pose

wheel pose

  • lie on your back and place your feet apart a bit wider than your shoulder width
  • put your hands behind your head with your palms down and your fingers pointing to your back
  • exhale and raise your breasts and hips as high as you possibly can
  • try to straighten your arms completely and hold this position for at least thirty seconds

5 . Bow Pose

bow pose

  • Lie on your tummy and exhale
  • bend your knees and raise them behind you towards your head
  • hold your ankles with your hands and exhale
  • pull your legs and arms upwards as far as you can
  • your hips and breasts should lift from the floor and you should be balancing on your tummy
  • hold this position for at least thirty seconds

6 . Camel Pose

camel pose

  • sit on your knees and pull your feet together
  • slowly bend backward and put your hands on your heels
  • arch your back and stretch your ribs
  • pull your head to the floor and hold the position for thirty seconds before returning to the start position

7 . One Leg King Pigeon Pose


  • begin on all fours with your knees directly below your hips and your hands slightly ahead of your shoulders
  • slide your right knee forward to the back of your wrist at the same time angle your right shin under your torso and bring your right foot to the front of your left knee
  • the outside of your right shin should now be resting on the floor slowly slide your left leg back straighten your knee and descend your thigh to the floor
  • lower your right buttocks to the floor and position the right heel in front of your hip
  • look back at your left leg it should be extending straight out of the hip and rotated slightly inward mildly pressing against the floor now
  • exhale and lay your torso down on the inner right thigh for several breaths and stretch your arms forward
  • slide your hands towards your front shin and push your fingertips to the floor then lift your torso away from the thigh press your tailbone down and forward at the same time while lifting your pubis toward your navel
  • if you can maintain this position bring your hands to the top rim of your pelvis and push down heavily drop your head back and lift your chest stay in this position for a minute then back to start position