This 2 Ingredient Remedy Flushes Pounds Of Waste From Your Colon

by in Health, Natural Cures, Other August 9, 2016

Doing a colon cleanse is a great way to flush unwanted toxins out of your body. This will restore your digestive system and give you a fresh start.

This quick easy to make remedy will help you to cleanse your colon whenever you need it done, and easily. This remedy works because all of its ingredients are things that help you to retain the good bacterial balance of your digestive system while filtering out the waste.Why not give it a shot?

2 Ingredient Remedy (Colon Cleanser)

Things Needed:


Stir these two ingredients together into a glass of at least eight ounces of warm water until all of the honey has dissolved into the ACV.

Then, drink this in the morning when you start your day. Continue your day as you normally would. You do not need to stay near a bathroom for this type of colon cleanse this will not cause your bowels to move quickly.

Drinking this mixture will not only cleanse your colon it can help with things like diabetes, obesity, cancer tumor prevention, hypertension, and lowering cholesterol levels. Give it a try, what do you have to lose, besides pounds of waste!

For a more complex approach, you can try: