30 Second Daily Skin Care Fixes that Will Make You Look Ten Years Younger!

by in Beauty, DIY, Food, Health, Home, Natural Cures, Other, Uncategorized, Video July 30, 2016

Having healthy, renewed, and youthful skin is on everyone’s wish list. Achieving this wish is much easier than you think. These 17 easy and quick tips explain how you can alter your daily habits to obtain effective results quickly! Here’s how:

1. Replace store bought products that are wrecking your skin. Parabens and toxins can mess with your body and disrupt hormones. Everything you apply to your skin absorbs into your bloodstream. Use tea treatments, natural oils, and natural astringents.

2. Don’t let shampoo/conditioner make contact with your skin.

3. Changing your pillowcase each and every day will work wonders, because after laying on a dirty pillow day in and day out, dirt and oil from your dirty skin can begin to accumulate, and go back into your pores which can lead to various skin ailments.

4. Exfoliating your skin regularly to remove dead skin cells will allow for newer, more youthful replacements.

5. Use a separate towel for your face then you use on your hair.

6. Eat a skin healthy diet. Consuming food and beverages that are good for your skin will really make a difference. Fatty acids are wonderful for your skin.

7. Do not touch your face with your hands unless you have recently washed them.

8. Keep eye creams cool in your refrigerator to receive the maximum benefits. This will soothe puffy red skin, and aid in closing pores.

9. Eat organic food

10. Stay hydrated, and make sure you get plenty of water.

11. Pay attention to any and all skin changes….this is your skin telling you something isn’t right with your body.

12. Clean your mobile phone often, as holding it to your face puts you in direct contact with germs and grime.

13. Cleanse and moisturize every day. Cleaning removed bacteria, and moisturizing maintains moisture levels which will keep your skin soft, fresh, and glowing.

14. Take your vitamins.

15. Protect your skin from sun damage. Use sunblock SPF 15 minimum every day.

16. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest, as sleep deprivation reduces the skin’s ability to stay hydrated and supple.

17. Massage your face gently each time you finish cleaning. This stimulates the facial muscles, improving blood circulation which can help you avoid the appearance of wrinkles.

These simple tips take only small changes in your daily routine, and will work to make your skin not only appear better, but BE better. By changing your habits that cause damage to your skin, as well as implementing new habits to repair the damage, you will have beautiful and renewed skin in no time!