How to Make Alkaline Water to Fight Fatigue, Digestive Issues, and Cancer!

by in Food, Natural Cures, Uncategorized, Video July 28, 2016

A scientific study in Japan suggests that alkaline water not only is an effective detoxifying agent for the body but that it also can destroy cancerous cells. The research is pretty simple to understand and so is the preparation for this wonderful addition to your health regimen.

The claim by Japanese scientist is of the utmost importance to everyone around the world, but this information could specifically helpful to the west which currently has the highest prevalence of cancer cases.

Known for their large elderly population as well as the highest life expectancy worldwide their scientists along with their research claims cannot be simply ignored or written off as speculation. Here is the science behind the water:

Acidity and Alkalinity

PH value is used to understand the difference between acidity and alkalinity. Anything valued below 7 is acidic and anything above 7 is alkaline. Rainwater holds the neutral ground of 7 on the dot. Although the human body is a complex system with organs that each has their own PH value, an organ with a high acidic value is not preferable because that organ could be greatly damaged.

With the modern diet having a focus on processed goods and chemicals, rather than naturally growing crops as our ancestors ate, our diet has become more acidic as the processing has increased. Sugary, salty, highly processed foods and caffeine will increase the acidity of your body. When the acidity in your body increases symptoms of fatigue, weakness, abdominal pains and a higher risk for opportunistic deadly disease due to a low immune system. The increased acidity also will begin to damage cells, tissues, and can create malformed or malignant cells in the process. Alkaline water can detoxify the high amounts of acidity to regulate and balance your health.

Not only does the alkaline water destroy cancerous cells without damaging healthy cells, it can also make you more hydrated than normal water will. Drinking this easy to prepare water will improve your health greatly in more ways than one!

Preparation of Alkaline Water


  • Himalayan salt-1 teaspoon
  • Clean filtered water-2 liters
  • Quarter sliced organic lemon-1


Fill a glass jar with clean, filtered water. Place the lemon in the jar, unsqueezed. Add the single teaspoon of Himalayan salt to the water. Place a lid on the jar and let sit overnight at room temperature. The next day before you have breakfast, drink about 3 glasses of the alkaline water.

You will feel better and look better once you have made this a part of your everyday routine.