German Scientists Prove There Is A Life After Death

by in Uncategorized, Video July 18, 2016

Not too long ago an amazing discovery was made by a team of psychologists at the Technische Universitat of Berlin. This team has proven through clinical experiments that there is life after death in some form.

This experiment has been under many trials for the past four years. It has included over nine hundred volunteers and many different combinations of drugs. Things like epinephrine and dimethyltryptamine. These drugs allow the body to survive a state that is known as clinical death and then allows for the process of reanimation to happen.

These patients also had to undergo a temporary comatose state after their clinical death before reanimation. This was done by a mix of drugs which were filtered by ozone in the patient’s bloodstream during their reanimation process roughly twenty minutes later.

This process would not have been possible without the use of a CPR machine (Autopulse) something we have been able to use to save many lives over the past few years. Bringing back people who have been dead for up to an hour. How amazing is that?

Each test subject was questioned frequently and their results each time were documented of course. All of the subjects had some memories of their clinical deaths. Most of these memories from each were similar in details. While they did vary from person to person a bit overall they were quite the same.

These people felt detached from their bodies as if they were levitating over themselves. They almost all stated they felt the presence of an overwhelming bright light. Something we have heard about before but have very little knowledge of. This truly is an eye opening study. How amazing is it to know we are one step closer to knowing what may lie behind the face of death?