Choose the Perfect Avocado Every Time!

by in Food, Video July 10, 2016

There is nothing more frustrating that going to the store to buy an avocado. You have to weave through basically all of them to get the right feel.

If you find one that is too soft, more than likely it is a slimy rotten mess inside. Too hard, it isn’t done and you will break your knife trying to cut into it.

Firstly, you’re not looking for a bright green outside, if the outside is bright green it isn’t ready yet. You are looking for a dark-colored skin, and a firm but soft meat.  It truly is a hit or miss situation, because it could go either way.


A simple trick is in the pesky little stem, simply pluck it off, and if it is green it will be perfect, and if it is brown you will uncover a rotten avocado.