“I Wouldn’t Feed This Stuff to a Dying Animal”: Terminal Hospice Patient Exposes Truth About Ensure Nutritional Drinks

by in Food, Health July 6, 2016

A former reporter from Indiana known as Carrol Krause was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in 2014. She wrote a blog right before she passed and boy did she have a lot to say!

This blog titled ‘Stories by Carrol’ told of her good times and her bad times throughout her last days. A few months back she started having severe digestive issues and couldn’t eat normal food any longer. Hospice workers brought her Ensure as meal replacements.

This made her extremely upset, she said that while they seemed to have the best intentions she could not understand why they would try to serve this or even force it on someone who is on their death bed literally. Ensure has many shakes and pudding type products intended for meal replacement, but that doesn’t make it good for you.

“Hospice had the very best of intentions, [but] the stuff they sent over was not real FOOD. In fact, I’m outraged at the idea that they feed this stuff to dying people.”

Ensure is actually full of chemicals that have little to no nutritional value. Yet for some reason, these are supposed to be the lifeline for ill people? People who need nutrition the most are denied it when they are being force fed products like this.

When one consumes these products you aren’t getting nutrition at all just straight preservatives, fillers, and chemicals. Sounds delicious, right?

Abbott, the company that makes Ensure is also a member of the pro-GMO organization the Grocery Manufacturers Association. They have literally given millions to fight GMP labeling in the United States. This doesn’t sound like a company we should let feed our loved ones at all!

If you notice on the front of the packaging for their apple juice you will see a delightful image that would make you think it was actually apple juice but a little look on the back of the label and you’ll see it contains no apple juice. Mostly water and sugar. So nutritious, right? NOT!


Toxic chemicals found in these products:

  • Cupric sulfate (pesticide that can cause anemia and death at high doses)
  • Artificial flavors (Can be many different chemicals usually harmful to one’s health and known to cause different types of cancers)
  • Sodium selenite
  • DI-Alpha-tocopherol acetate (synthetic vitamin E can cause hemorrhagic stroke)
  • Manganese sulfate
  • ferrous sulfate
  • niacinamide (can cause liver failure)
  • Zinc sulfate (can be toxic to cells)