For the First Time, an Elephant Has Received a Prosthetic Leg

by in Uncategorized July 3, 2016

A lovely Asian elephant tragically lost her right foreleg when she stepped on a landmine. In normal cases, this would mean the elephant lost it’s life or was going to but thanks to some amazing people Mosha has a new prosthetic leg!


Mosha is now able to get around just fine and is very happy. This was made possible by a surgeon named Therdchai Jivacate who specializes in designing prosthetic legs for humans and animals.

The Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation learned about Mosha’s story and knew something needed to be done. Dr. Jivacte operated on Mosha and then started designing a leg all of her own. The leg he made for her ended up weighing 33 pounds and was made from thermoplastic, steel, and elastomer.

The doctor has continued to make larger prosthetics for Mosha as she has grown. Each one even better than the last.