You’re Poisoning Your Household With This Popular Cleaner! It Contains 146 Toxic chemicals That Can Cause Cancer

by in Health July 2, 2016

Did you know that commercial cleaners have been linked with many different health issues? Things like Cancer, blindness, and asthma?

These commercial cleaners are obviously not good for us, there are many toxic chemicals in these cleaners such as

These toxic chemicals aren’t even listed on the label! EWG has found 146 different chemicals in common household cleaners. Tests done on the commonly used cleaner known as Comet have shown that the cleaner releases literally over one hundred and forty air contaminants! There are only six ingredients listed on the label yet there are over one hundred and forty actual ingredients? How is that even being allowed?

If you’re looking for a safe alternative maybe you should try mixing up something at home rather than further putting yourself at risk. These DIY chemical free cleaner will work just as good and help keep you from getting sick. There are several how-to videos below, enjoy!