Makeup Artist Loses Half Of Her Body Weight, See How She Did It

by in Food, Health June 23, 2016

In This day and age, many of us are battling weight issues seeing a story like this is inspiring, to say the least!

Before and After 



Simone weight a whopping three hundred and seventy seventy pounds when she decided it was time to make a change. Simone much like many other people had a gastric sleeve stomach surgery done. This along with walking every day and removing processed foods from her diet have helped her tremendously. Simone lost one hundred and eighty-nine pounds in less than a year! This is an amazing feat, she lost more than half of her origional body weight! How astonishing?


Her Diet 


This amazing transformation was so shocking that a lot of people didn’t believe that Simone was the same person in her before and after pictures! See the difference? But it is in fact her! Simone and her new workout/diet worked wonders for her body.

She limited her diet, cutting out all processed foods.

As an example of her day she would have a fruit smoothie in the morning, a Roasted chicken salad with feta and egg for lunch, a protein rich dinner, and for snacks she would reach for healthy choices like coconut oil popcorn with crushed almonds and dark chocolate.



Lots of people have been touched by her story and it has helped many to realize that it is there time to get healthy, despite all the hate Simone still stands tall and proud with her head high as she should, Such an amazing feat! To see the first handstand Simone did in ten years click here.