Scientists Find That Blood From Vegans Is 8 Times More Defensive Against Cancer (VIDEO)

by in Health June 19, 2016

Recent studies have shown that blood taken from people who are vegans is eight times stronger at killing cancer cells than the one taken from the people that consume meat and dairy products.
Blood from people who were on a different diets, was dripped on cancer cells to see which blood is more effective at destroying cancer growth.Scientists Find That Blood From Vegans Is 8 Times More Defensive Against Cancer
People who are on a S.A.D – Standard American Diet also fight cancer, but the blood from vegans have almost 8 times the stopping power on cancer cell growth.
Later studies against breast cancer discovered a dramatic body strengthening of cancer defenses after a 14 days of light exercise (30-60 minutes daily walking) and a plant based diet.
Samples of blood from women with breast cancer were taken before and after 14 days on a plant-based diet. After 14 days the samples of blood have shown significantly slowed down cancer growth and increased ability of blood to kill cancer cells.
It was important to see that plant-based diet solely suppressed the cancer growth or together with exercise component.
A separate experiments were made, and yes, the exercise did suppress cancer growth, but the plant-base diet solely had twice as much power to suppress cancer cells.
These experiments and studies only confirmed that lifestyle changes do have a big effect on our health and can reduce the risk of cancer or increase the chances of surviving this disease.
A regular exercise and a plant-based diet really can improve our quality of life. Having blood that can fight cancer is one great advantage of the vegan lifestyle.
Below is a video that tells more about the science behind this: