If You See THIS in a Hotel Room or Public Bathroom, Leave and Call 911 IMMEDIATELY!

by in Uncategorized June 14, 2016

Coat hooks seem useful right? Everyone needs a place to hang their jacket in the changing room or their purse in the bathroom but now these simple little hooks could be something terrible!

Who knew that people could use something so tiny to hide something so disgusting! I would never have thought this would be happening!

Some of these useful coat hooks are not actual coat hooks, they’re tiny cameras criminals have been using to spy on us! These tiny cameras have been invading bathrooms, hotel rooms, and other places in increasing numbers. Instances have been reported multiple times in Florida,  Kansas, and Nevada. A woman in Kansas actually knocked one over by accident and quickly realized what it really was. These tiny cameras are disguised quite well and are held on with a small amount of adhesive.
What seems to be the worst part about these ever growing privacy invading secret cameras is that they are inexpensive. They can be found on amazon for under fifty bucks leaving us all at risk of being invaded upon.


hotel room blues twoo

These coat hooks look perfectly normal but if you take the time to look closely you will see a tiny hole in the top portion of the hook. This is where those peeping toms are getting that lovely view. Try looking for the lens and if the hook is black you may be able to spot a small light on the side.

These terrible little creations could come in handy if you need to spy on your babysitter, but as of right now keeping an eye out in restrooms and changing rooms is all we can do. Be sure to alert the police if you happen across one of these tiny hidden cameras!