The 4-Minute Miracle Workout That Actually Works

by in Health May 27, 2016

Exercise, we all need to do it but not everybody has the time to do it. But anybody can do this it takes just a few minutes of your time and burns ridiculous amounts of calories while strengthening your entire body!

Core Definition

It is only suiting that this would be number one! If you want an extremely defined core, then you will definitely want to plank. It is a great exercise because it works each individual muscle group and serves a different purpose to give you serious definition.

Whole body workout

Another good reason to plank is because, it not only works your core muscles but your entire body. It is a great full body workout, and it is also versatile! You can add weights, cardio, or just move your body and get different results.

Reduces the risk of injury

With a strong core, you are obtaining the ability to perform movements in all planes of motion. A strong core is essential for performing daily exercises for minimal pain and a reduced chance of injury. Planks are a great way to build muscle and protect the spine and hips during movement.

Improve posture

A strong core has everything to do with the way you hold yourself. You will stand taller, and with your strong foundation you will be less likely to hunch over. The muscles in your core support the spine, which is the key to good posture.

Improve balance

Balance and core strength work hand in hand. Core stability is essential for balance and coordination. If the core is weak, it will be much more difficult to find equilibrium.

You can get a good workout in anywhere!

You do not need fancy equipment or large amounts of space to get a good workout in; you only need your own body strength and a strong core! In a short amount of time, at any place, you can get an amazing workout that will leave you feeling wonderful!