Here’s How Having A Lot of Tattoos is Making You Healthier

by in Health April 4, 2017

People with tattoos are less likely to get sick than people who do not have tattoos. Sounds crazy right? Well, it’s true!

This information comes from a recent study that was done at the University of Alabama. In this study, researchers took saliva samples from 29 participants who were getting tattooed and used it to test their levels of immunoglobulin. For those who do not know that is the antibody that helps us to fight off infections. Their findings showed that those with tattoos or who get tattooed regularly had higher immune systems.

Yes, their tattoos were making them less likely to get sick. Now, this does not apply to people who get only one tattoo as getting just one could lower your immunity. We assume this is because the body itself is reacting to a foreign substance (the ink) going into the body.

If you get more than one your body is often already prepared to defend itself beforehand. Dr. Lynn or of the researchers from this study hopes that this will help take away some of the negative stigma surrounding tattoos in general. He compares getting tattooed to working out which could not be more accurate. The more you do it the more your body gets used to it.

So, next time someone has something negative to say about your tattoos shrug it off, you’re not going to get a sick as they are. Your body is ready to fight off any potential infections while theirs is not. For those who would like to take a look at this study please click here.