5 Early Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer that Every Woman Needs to Know

by in Health, Video March 3, 2017

Cancer is the leading cause of death in most places these days. It affects more people than any other known disease.

Ovarian cancer to be specific has had around 22,280 new cases in the United States in 2016 alone. Ovarian cancer is something that develops when the cells of your ovaries form malignant tumors. This is something often referred to as the ‘silent killer,’ because it often shows no symptoms and is difficult to detect even with screenings. When it comes to ovarian cancer it is often fatal and early detection could save your life.

If you notice any of the following symptoms you may have ovarian cancer:

1. An increased need to urinate.

If you notice that you happen to be making visits to the restroom much more frequently than usual, without ingesting more liquid than you normally would it is likely that you could be in the early stages of ovarian cancer. Another big sign would be when you feel as if you have to pee and cannot hold it all of a sudden.

2. You become full much quicker than usual.

An unexplainable decrease in your appetite could also be a sign of cancer or even a bowel issue. This is something that should be enough cause to visit your doctor right away.

3. If you become bloated and it will not go away.

Frequent and almost constant bloating that continues for more than a few weeks is often the result of tumor growth.

4. If you are dealing with lower abdominal pain or pelvic pain.

Yes, period cramps and pains are terrible but this will be a much worse more consistent pain. If you are dealing with pain in these areas that lasts more than three weeks you need to get yourself in to see a doctor. Do not pass this off as simply period pain.

5. If you notice any abdominal swelling that will not go away.

This is linked with tumor growth and should not ignore it. However, this can be something other than cancer it still is very serious and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

These symptoms are things that can be easily mistaken for other issues so it is very important that you monitor them and consult your doctor. These symptoms are often a sign that the cancer itself has begun spreading beyond the ovaries and needs immediate attention. Please do not ignore these signs.