Yellow Teeth? Try This Hack! It Actually Works!

by in DIY January 1, 2017

Your first impressions are the most important ones. Your smile reflects a lot on your image, if you have white teeth instead of yellow teeth it will have a positive effect on those around you.

Yellow teeth tend to look gross and seem unhygienic, to say the least. Yellow teeth can be caused by a large number of things like candy, nicotine, and coffee. You can resolve this issue by using those terrible chemical products at the supermarket or you can use a natural trick!

The trick is to use activated charcoal capsules to whiten your teeth, Yes, charcoal. Here’s how:

  • Things Needed:
    • Activated charcoal capsules
    • Toothbrush (an extra one)
  • Directions:
    • Wet the toothbrush with some water from the faucet.
    • Place the charcoal on the toothbrush by opening one of the capsules.
    • At first, this will taste a bit powdery but will only taste that way for a minute.
    • You can use normal toothpaste on top of the activated charcoal if you want to that is completely up to you.
    • Brush for about five whole minutes.
    • Do this twice a week.

No need in using all of those overpriced chemical whitening strips or agents. Activated charcoal will give you the results you desire in a short amount of time. For more on this please watch the video below.