4 Tablespoons A Day And Cancer Is Gone: Russian Scientists Famous Cancer Remedy

by in DIY, Health, Natural Cures August 8, 2016

One Russian scientist is known for his cure for cancer. His name is Hristo Mermerski and many people support his claim as this actually being a cancer cure.

This cancer treating recipe has an amazing healing effect all over our body and this is how it cures cancer. It offers many health benefits besides curing cancer, things like:

  • improving one’s memory
  • cleansing one’s kidneys
  • cleansing one’s liver
  • healing one’s heart and working to prevent heart attacks
  • cleansing one’s blood vessels
  • strengthening one’s immune system

This recipe utilizes many fruits veggies and nuts that are known for their healing properties, all of these things working together are a miracle mixture.

Mermerski’s recipe

Things needed:

  • Lemon 30
  • garlic 24 cloves
  • Honey (natural honey) 70 ounces
  • walnuts 24 ounces
  • sprouted grain 24ounces

Directions on sprouted grain:

  • add green wheat into a large glass bowl
  • add enough water to cover the wheat and leave this through the night
  • drain off the water in the morning and rinse the grains well
  • remove the drained wheat from this bowl into another one
  • wait 24 hours and the wheat will sprout

Directions on the remedy:

  • clean the garlic cloves well
  • mix the sprouted grains, walnuts, and garlic cloves together
  • grind them up
  • take five lemons and grind them into this mixture be sure to leave the rind on the lemons
  • mix this well
  • add honey to this
  • pour this mixture into a glass jar and keep it refrigerated or at least four whole days

After you have waited four whole days you can begin taking a few tablespoons of this remedy one hour before breakfast and one hour before dinner each day. Then when you are comfy with this also take one tablespoon before bed at night as well. If you suffer from any type of cancer it is recommended that you take at least two tablespoons of this every hour.

Give this remedy a try, at the very least you could come out a little healthier.